My Top Five Podcasts (That Have Nothing To Do With Parenting) For Surviving the Newborn Stage

Today, a screaming toddler has left me longing for the quiet days of cuddling my newborn babies and listening to podcasts. It has also left me without the mental capacity to write a thoughtful piece on motherhood, so instead, I will give you a list of my favourite podcasts for your listening pleasure.

I have been very fortunate to have had two pretty mellow newborns who were perfectly happy to cuddle and nurse all day long with very little crying. At some point, this changed and my now toddler is clearly making up for the screaming she forgot to do as a newborn. I loved the newborn phase with both of my girls, probably because I am as much of a homebody as one can be without crossing the line into hermit-ville, and at times I have come pretty close. With A I binged as many Netflix shows as I could, and this time with G, when it’s just the two of us home, I always have a podcast on. For the most part, my favourites have very little to do with babies and parenting, and maybe that’s part of their appeal to me, but either way they became a big part of my life during the newborn stage and I’ve continued to listen now on our daily walks.

Here is a list of my five favourite podcasts:

  1. Nerdiest Podcast ( – This is one of the two podcasts that got me hooked on listening to podcasts in the first place back in 2011. Most of the episodes are hosted by Chris Hardwick, who interviews a celebrity from any form of media. Sometimes he is accompanied by Matt Mira and Jonah Ray; however, these days it’s mostly Hardwick on his own. I love this podcast because it is light-hearted and always seems to have really fun and interesting people.
  2. WTF With Marc Maron ( – This is the second podcast that got me hooked. While he interviews a lot of the same guests as the Nerdist podcast the general vibe of WTF is much different. For the most part it is often deep, thought provoking and can be incredibly moving. He has a real ability to get his guests to open up and discuss their lives in ways that I think everyone can. He is also incredibly funny and I don’t think you can really go wrong listening to this one.
  3. Budgets and Cents ( – I’m going to take a hard left turn away from comedians interviewing celebrities and recommend a podcast that discusses financial matters and the lives of the two hosts of this podcast. Cait and Carrie are very relatable and fun to listen to, and they make you stop and think about your own life choices and what your priorities should be. I have found that I do a lot self evaluation on maternity leave and this is a great podcast to listen to for advice and entertainment.
  4. Gilmore Guys ( – Two twenty-something guys review Gilmore Girls episodes and it is so good! The episodes are loooong but that makes them perfect for long days spent trapped under a nursing baby. Gilmore Girls is one of my all-time favourite tv shows and love hearing the different perspectives on each episode. This show is funny, often meanders off topic, but in a funny way, and can also be very moving.
  5. Will You Accept This Rose ( AND Here to Make Friends ( – This one is a tie. One of my biggest guilty pleasures is watching The Bachelor and all things related (I might also have a love of Big Brother…) and these two podcasts are so much fun to listen to the day after an intense rose ceremony. Will You Accept This Rose is a comedic look at the show often poking fun at all of the ridiculous things that happen and the even more ridiculous cast members apparently there looking for love. Here to Make Friends, takes a more serious look at the show, discussing the entertaining moments but also pointing out that the episodes are lousy with feminist fails.

And there you have it. A list of some of my favourite podcasts that especially kept me entertained during G’s newborn days.

What are some of your favourite podcasts?

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