What is Happening to my Brain?

Wasn’t it just August? I feel like I blinked and September and October are over. We seem to be in a pretty heavy fog in our house lately. I hate the word busy and quite frankly it annoys me when people tell me how ‘busy’ they are. I’ve always thought that if something is really important to me, it doesn’t matter how much I have on my plate, I make it a priority and I make it happen. When someone says they are too busy for something, I always hear that’s not my priority right now.

Well, I hate to admit it but life feels busy right now. On top of having a baby and a toddler to wrangle, Kyle (with help from my dad) is completely renovating our downstairs bathroom. This is right after painting the exterior of our house this summer. One day we will have our weekends back and do fun things again. I have also been trying to start a side hustle and I do my best to plan fun activities for the girls. When I type that out it doesn’t seem like that much, but with a baby who insists on waking multiple times a night and needs her mummy to get back to sleep, I think my mental capacity is seriously starting to suffer. Without fail I will always forget something when I leave the house with the girls. Sometimes it’s the perch high chair for G, and other times, it’s a critical item like diapers. *Knock on wood* so far I haven’t forgotten a kid anywhere.

Yesterday, I noticed that A had stuck a big blue sticker onto Kyle’s back, not the back of his shirt but his back. I meant to tell him it was there but like most things it was out of my head before I even had another thought. Today, I was watching A and Kyle, from the upstairs lounge area, during their parent and tot swimming lesson and noticed something on Kyle’s back. He had either developed a very suspicious mole or that damn sticker was still there. What’s more is that I didn’t remember to tell him about the sticker until just before dinner tonight, a full 7 hours after swimming lessons. Even while I was surprised it took me so long to remember, I was still kind of proud of myself for remembering something.

I’m not complaining, I love my life and I love my girls. We’ve had a big year with a lot of big ups and downs; we’ve been doing home renovations for over a year, we welcomed a new baby and not long after we had to deal with a very sick little baby. I’m so proud of how we’ve handled everything, but sometimes I wonder if instead of having a mental breakdown, I’m having a mental shutdown. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way, so many moms do, but I guess I didn’t realize how much extra brain power it takes to keep these little people happy and healthy. Hopefully one day I’ll get my memory back, maybe when the girls are in university. In the meantime, I have my calendar and reminders apps on my phone, and I’ll appreciate the small victories, like making sure my husband is sticker-free.

Now if you’ll excuse me, G has a cold, or is she teething? Who can tell… but she’s crying her sweet little head off and I need to figure out where I left that damn Nose Frida (snot sucker for you non-parents). If only I could remember…

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