I Love My OVer

My OVer is my most prized possession in my diaper bag. It serves as a car seat cover, nursing cover and a shopping cart cover. You get all of this in one product for $50. Honestly, it’s the best $50 that I’ve spent in a long time. Not only is this product so useful, it is also made by a company that gives back. The OVer company, founded by Sabrina Maulucci, donates a portion of its profits to the London, Ontario NICU through the Children’s Health Foundation. Additionally, they have an incredible initiative that they launched this year called the BUY.ONE.SEND.SOME. (B.O.S.S.) NICU CAMPAIGN. This is in honour of the founder and creative Director’s daughter who was the inspiration for the product when she was born premature. The idea of this campaign is that when you buy an OVer in the pattern named for her daughter, Olive, another OVer will be sent to the hospital of your choice to a NICU family in need.

I bought my OVer on a whim when I was pregnant with my second daughter, Georgia. I didn’t think much of it, just that it would be handy when I took her out for walks on windy days, she was born in February and this is Victoria after all. Georgia was born full-term and completely healthy, but when she was 7 weeks old she ended up getting very sick and had a 2 week stay in the PICU. When G was discharged from the hospital, I felt similar to how Sabrina Maulucci felt when she brought her tiny 5lb daughter home. The world is full of germs, and people who can’t keep them to themselves. While most people have nothing but the best of intentions when they want see and touch your baby, it became my greatest fear. My baby had been so sick and she seemed so vulnerable and fragile. I was scared to take her anywhere until I remembered my OVer. I covered her car seat (and still do 5 months later) and no one approached me. It’s like this perfect breathable barrier that keeps germy hands away!

In addition to easing my anxiety, I love how practical this thing is! On sunny days, I can put the OVer on the car seat and keep my baby out of the sun without risking her overheating. Also, and this is a big one, I can breastfeed in public so easily. I’m all for nursing in public uncovered or covered, whatever works for you is best. I’ve never been comfortable nursing in public uncovered and of course both of my kids have hated being covered by clothing or my receiving blankets during feeds. They would kick their tiny yet effective feet until they weren’t covered anymore, and it always felt like it ended in an awkward mess. With my OVer I can discreetly feed my daughter and she doesn’t feel the need to kick it off of her.

I seriously cannot say enough good things about this product. It is my go-to baby shower gift and I’ve basically become a walking billboard on my daily baby strolls. People are always stopping me to ask where I found my OVer, so I figured this would be the perfect product to discuss because it truly is my favourite baby accessory.

I ordered mine from their website at: https://theover.co


Please note that The OVer Company is not involved with this review at all. This is just a product that I feel very passionate about.

2 thoughts on “I Love My OVer

  1. What an amazing product! Thanks so much for sharing about it, I’ve never heard of it before. I just spent some time on their website – I love it!
    Also, I’m so sorry about your daughter, that had to be super scary. My second child (born on Christmas Eve) got RSV at six weeks but thankfully didn’t end up needing a hospital stay. I’m nervous because this little one will also be a winter baby (January)…I hate childhood sickness with a passion!!

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    1. It really is terrifying when they get sick so young. If I could go back in time I would have used my OVer right from the beginning for every outing with my little one. Hopefully, you and your new babe stay healthy when they arrive in January!


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