A Quick Guide on How to Shop with a Toddler

Shopping with a toddler can be a living nightmare. It’s like shopping with a ticking time bomb that only I’m responsible for diffusing. If I make it in and out of the store without issue I get this crazy adrenaline rush that makes me feel like I can take on the world and accomplish anything. Other times when my toddler explodes into an epic tantrum, the carnage that is left in her wake (mostly emotional for mummy) is enough to make me never want to take her out in public ever again. Fortunately for you dear readers, I have turned my traumatizing experiences with my tantrum-y toddler into something positive and developed a list of fail proof ways to shop with a toddler.

  1. Shop when your toddler is sleeping in the stroller. People will be impressed that you’re brave enough to shop with your toddler and even more impressed that you got him/her to sleep. Your toddler will no longer ride in the stroller? Move onto option 2.
  2. Shop when the store is as empty as possible. I like to take my girls shopping right when the grocery store opens. For one thing, A is much more pleasant early in the morning and two, if she runs around an empty store picking up every box with Elsa and Anna on it no one really cares.
  3. Straight up bribery. Most bakeries give out free cookies to kids. Hold that cookie over their heads the entire shop and when you have all of your items swing by the bakery and grab a cookie. Just make sure that you book it out of the store as fast as possible. If you don’t check out in time that sugar rush will hit before you make it back to the car.
  4. Bring Gramma with you. Why do kids always behave better for Gramma? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want my mom to deal with a tantrum, but still, how does she do it?
  5. If Gramma is busy bring your partner. That way when your kids have a meltdown you can quietly walk away and pretend that you’re not with them. You’re still being responsible because your kids are with their parent, and that two minutes of freedom shopping on your own will be glorious.

You’re welcome and happy shopping!

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