The Gong Show that is Going from One Child to Two – 5 Things you should know

I knew life would be different when our second daughter arrived, but boy oh boy was I underestimating how much our house would change with the new addition.

With A, after the initial shellshock of becoming a mother wore off, I was in newborn heaven in all my blissful maternity leave glory. I’m a home body through and through and staying home and nursing my new favourite person while binging on Netflix was the perfect way to bond and get to know each other. A was by all accounts a pretty easy baby. We really lucked out. She was cuddly, barely ever cried, and was a decent sleeper (until she started teething).

When G was born there was no quiet time to just enjoy one another. We came home and even though I was recovering from another c-section, I felt like we jumped right into our new life as a family of four. My toddler’s needs seemed to multiply overnight, her 2-year-old molars came in when G was 2 weeks old and the tantrums came in full force not long after. This would have been overwhelming on its own but now there was another little person who demanded food round the clock. Don’t get me wrong, A adores her little sister; however, jealousy did and continues to rear its ugly head from time to time and the frustration that it was often paired with was taken out on me. It was tough to see my sweet girl get so worked up and in the blink of an eye we went from a house that was relatively calm to house that is now just plain noisy!

Despite what might read as a negative review of having a second child, I wouldn’t change our family for the world. While our house is noisy and often filled with cries of frustration from baby and toddler (and let’s be honest sometimes mummy) it is also filled with so much love. It sounds so cliché but these two little girls have brought a joy into our house that could never be matched for me.

With that said, here is my list of the top five things to help prepare for your second child:

1. Your house is going to get loud, and if it was already loud and it’s going to really loud!
2. What soothed and calmed your first baby isn’t necessarily going to calm your second. A wanted to be rocked on our legs all the time, while G enjoys cuddling but eventually wants her alone time.
3. Your nursing relationship may be different. With A I would sit back for a good 20 minutes to nurse. G is done in 5.
4. Your second child is going to get sick way sooner than your first and it’s going to be your toddler’s fault. Try your best to prolong this but sooner rather than later the inevitable will happen.
5. It is the coolest thing ever to see your kids interact. My heart nearly exploded when I saw how much my toddler loved her sister. Then I had to intervene so A didn’t pull a lenny and love her “too much.”

3 thoughts on “The Gong Show that is Going from One Child to Two – 5 Things you should know

  1. Even though I have four children, I’ve never had two under two but I will soon so thank you for this! 🙂 My youngest will be around 19m when her little sister is born.
    “Then I had to intervene so A didn’t pull a lenny and love her “too much.”” – LOL!

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